Now, accessing the internet has been made a lot easier with the presence of many Wi-Fi hotspots which are in public places scattered around your surroundings. However, unfortunately, it also has made the number of crimes on the internet also keep increasing. Thus, to keep the data on your laptop, tablet or smartphone safe from virus attacks, you can consider the following tip:


The safest way to browse on public networks is to use a VPN or virtual private network. Each of types of systems for smartphones now has already been able to be supported by this kind of apps and for an example is the vpn for iphone. These VPN network traffic will bring you to a secure network on public Wi-Fi, giving you all the benefits of a private network even though you are enjoying the freedom of using public Wi-Fi. To be able to use a VPN, a secure way to surf the provider peg this at a price of $ 6.95.