Conservation is environmental conservation efforts that will pay attention to the benefits obtained is to maintain the presence of each component of the environment. By conserving the natural environment and of course it will be maintained and will remain stable. To make it into realisation, it is required the educational character of every person to have self-awareness in caring for nature and protecting the environment.

There are several types of conservations such as sanctuaries, nature preserves and mangrove forests. To be more clear, you might check out one of the sanctuaries for elephants in Thailand on As for the purposes of the conservation, they can also be divided such as:
–    To preserve and protect places that are valued so as not destroyed, switched or extinct.
–    To re-emphasize the use of old buildings that are not displaced here means whether by reviving previous order of the building or replace the old order with a brand-new functionality that is necessary.
–    To protect the historical objects of antiquity or objects from destruction or damage caused by natural factors, micro-organisms and chemicals.
–    To protect objects made of natural remover done using the technique of clean, maintain and smarten both physically and directly from the influences of various aspects, such as regional factors that can damage these objects.