Compared to the type of building materials other gypsum has some advantages dining room designs, the main one is this material can be molded and made designs according to the taste and the concept of spatial planning and architectural style, besides gypsum is also easily found anywhere too remote villages even so everyone can wear it without shortages.

The types of gypsum are some according to the form it had, the first gypsum is selenite which has thin shape and some of them there is a double or twin crystals possessed. Additionally, these types of gypsum also have a more specific, ie strands softer and there can be as small grains are refined. Gypsum is you can use the dining room designs.

The second is gypsum alabaster. Gypsum is the main characteristics of this has a very specific, clean white color and smooth-shaped fiber webs. Gypsum alabaster is most often used for making ornaments and the buildings either indoors or outdoors. Third, desert gypsum is shaped almost like a flower blooming, and has other properties such as sand, gypsum desert, in general, is more easily found or excavated in an area that is dry and arid.