Each of you might have ever had a problem with a clogged toilet. Thus, it is necessary to know how to unclog the toilet. So, here are some of the tips on how to repair a clogged toilet. If it is too hard and you need help from a professional plumber, you can go to http://www.plumberwaterburyct.com/.

– Try if you can reach the thing
If you are able to see what blocks the toilet, then, you can try to put your hands and lift it from the toilet. If you are not able to reach the thing, but you can see it, you do not need to use a suction tube and try the other way.

– Flush toilet to check the flow
If the use of suction tube eventually create stagnant water in the toilet bowl flows, but the blockage still impedes the flow of water, let the suction tube and refill it with the toilet bowl water. Fill water until water splash usual volume, then tap and drag suction tube again. Stubborn blockages may be overcome by doing it this way many times.