I have been an Internet Marketer for over 10 years

Most people in fact almost all of the world community has been familiar with the term e-Business. E-Business is a form of business activity or business conducted by an individual, group or business entities via an Internet network to perform various tiger bidding activity, marketing of goods and services, or other business activities that are done online. The process of business activity does not have to reconcile between the seller and the buyer, or in other words, there is no direct physical contact. amazing selling machine will be done online, so it will be easier for both parties to complete the process of selling and buying. The fact that emerging today is that the Internet is used as the primary means of business people to promote and publicize their efforts. Its versatility makes the Internet as a medium that is able to challenge or business constraints, such as geographical area, campaign, targeted marketing, purchasing and sales administration processes, costs and other business constraints. So that the ease of e-Business is quite satisfactory for the community, especially for those who have high activity levels. They only need to choose, click, and make the process of transfer or payment then ordered product will come to the buyers.

In connection with the advantages of the Internet media compared to other media for the business world, I try to write with a brief description below:

1. Revenue Stream (income streams) will be more promising even larger than the conventional business that has a lot of obstacles in the process of promotion and publicity as well as the issue of flexibility.

2. Operating Costs (operating expenses) are smaller than conventional businesses, thereby increasing the rate of profit earned.

3. Global Reach (global) would be easier to implement because of the advantages the Internet that can reach all corners of the geographical regions in the world.

4. Customer Loyalty (customer loyalty) can be expected and improved so that it will maintain the continuity of the business.

5. Supplier Management (delivery setting) is easier because it can be put on a third party as an alternative.

6. High Flexibility (degree of flexibility) because it can be done anytime and anywhere without being limited space and time.